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I am Willy Nyland, a corset maker based in Prague, Czech Republic.

My corsets are being made as visible upper garments, in contrast to traditional corsets which were made as hidden underwear. While it's possible to wear the underwear corsets by their own, it would have the "underwear appearance", making you look rather kinky and unappropriate for many occasions.

A fashion corset on the other hand are made to be worn visible. It's more like a top than underwear, while still making you look sexy but at the same time also elegant.

One question I often get asked is; For what occasion would I wear a corset?
It is understandable that someone who don't own a corset would wonder when to wear one.
Don't look at corsets as corsets, but instead look at them as tops who emphasize and shape your body!

Combine it with a pair of jeans and you can go for a walk in the park on a warm summer's day. Or combine it with a nice skirt and you practically end up with a strapless dress suitable for any party!

I make all my corsets myself from start to finish. No outsourcing or assistants. I also speak with my customers directly, so you'll have the dialogue with the same person who would make your corset.

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